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Feeling like your motherhood journey isn't social media worthy?

Have you ever felt proud of yourself after just brushing your hair after a long night of no sleep only then to scroll through social media accounts showing stylish moms with their smiling children in their oh-so-stylish living rooms? Your thoughts quickly shift from "gosh I'm so tired but I did my hair and now I'll drink coffee" to "Why can't my life be like that?" "What is she doing that I'm not?" (besides having ten personal assistants!) You may find yourself feeling defeated, frustrated and less worthy after your morning scroll.

Well, you aren't alone. In fact, you are in good company!

Instead of suggesting to delete your social media accounts or greatly reduce screen time, the more realistic approach may be to change who you choose to follow.

Here is a list of REAL, RAW, and INSPIRATIONAL Instagram accounts that more accurately reflect what motherhood looks like to the majority of us out there! I think you will notice a positive shift in your mood-just by changing the content of what you are exposed to on social media.

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