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Online therapy has become increasingly popular and several studies have shown that it can be just as effective as in person counseling. 

Who is it for?  This is a simple answer!  Anyone who is seeking counseling who is a current resident in the state of Florida.


Online Therapy Advantages: Not only does this method provide maximum flexibility in terms of time, space and comfort, but allows you to get services when and where you need to whether that's at home or even during a lunch break at work! Another added bonus: no need to cancel your session if you are under the weather. As long as you have a private space and internet connection, we can meet. Don't let distance, lack of childcare or transportation, keep you from getting the support you deserve. 

How does it work? I use HIPPA compliant secure video conferencing to make counseling convenient and confidential. All you need is a comfortable private space, good internet connection, and a smart phone, tablet, laptop or personal computer.

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