What is the Process Like?

After scheduling your first appointment, you will receive a link in your email to electronically complete intake paperwork (through our secure and HIPAA compliant client portal) prior to your first session.  Our first session together may feel more structured than your subsequent sessions. Together, we will review the informed consent paperwork, discuss confidentiality within the therapeutic setting, and will answer any questions or concerns you may have about the counseling process.  For the remaining 40 minutes, we will talk about what situations or symptoms prompted you to seek counseling, work to identify goals for the course of therapy, and learn coping skills for you to practice between sessions.  

Frequency of Counseling

A common question most clients ask is "Do I come to counseling very week?"  It is usually recommended to come one time per week at the start of your counseling journey to maximize positive treatment effects.  After the beginning phase, we can decide together if transitioning to biweekly or monthly sessions would be beneficial

Can I Bring My Baby to Our Session?

Yes!  Feeding, diapering and playing are all welcome activities while the focus of the session is still on you! I keep a play mat and age appropriate toys on hand

Some clients prefer In Home Therapy as arranging childcare for multiple children can be challenging.  In home therapy can also be a great option for moms who are on strict bed rest, healing after delivery, or just enjoy the convenience of therapy coming to them. Visit In Home Therapy page for detailed information.

Rates and Insurance Information

Please click on rates and insurance for detailed information.

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